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Dangerous Heat: A Silent Killer

Heat kills over 600 people a year in the U.S. Unfortunately for people of the Pacific Northwest, extreme heat has become all too common this summer. Areas like Seattle, WA and Portland, OR continue to break heat records and today we’re heating up again! Thursday marks the 10th day this year that Seattle has reached 90° – making this the only year since record keeping began that Seattle has seen more than nine days with temperatures of 90° or warmer. The warmest month ever in Seattle was August 1967 – but with a very warm July and one more extremely hot day today, we are likely to break that record and have July 2015 come in as the warmest month on record!

So here is what we’re looking at: an excessive heat warning is in effect for Portland, OR stretching down to Eugene with heat advisories up and down the coast from Seattle to far south as Yreka, CA. Temperatures are going to be 15 to 20° warmer than average – reaching the triple digits in some areas.


It is important to slow down when temperatures skyrocket so avoid heat related injuries or death. Heat is a dangerous element that can be easily overlooked. Stay hydrated, check on loved ones and pets, and become familiar with the signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Stay cool!


For WeatherNation: Meterologist, Tracey Anthony

Just how severe was July’s weather? Watch:

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