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The Day After: Storm Drops Gargantuan Hail

12 Apr 2016, 2:29 pm

The Dallas-Fort Worth area had their 3rd significant hail storm so far this season and its safe to say the one yesterday take the cake so far this year. Many supercell thunderstorms began erupting in the early afternoon hours producing damaging winds and extremely large hail. With grapefruit to baseball size hail being some of the largest reports which occurred just north of Dallas in a few suburbs such as Wylie, Parker, and Millwood, Texas.

1Capture (1)

A look at the hail swath from the image above shows exact path and intensity of hail from Monday’s storms.
Capture (3)

Hail as large as grapefruit reported in Wylie, TX

What is fascinating, and awful all at the same time, about this particular hail storm is the wind component that was associated with it. We are talking about wind driven hail here. Think about what hundreds of wind driven baseballs flying into the window of your home would sound like, look like, and feel like. It is a wonder there aren’t more reports of injuries as this large hail storm unfolded in such a densely populated area of Texas. As the old saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words and it sure does ring true with the pictures below.



We’ve also received confirmation that Wylie, TX schools are closed until further notice as a result of significant structural damage from Monday’s storm. Many homes have also been without power since yesterday alongside with roofs of many residences’ homes with considerable damage if not destroyed.

It is estimated so far, that hail damage from Monday’s event could reach the billion dollar mark after insurance adjusters complete claim surveys in the area.

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