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Deadly Nebraska Tornado Outbreak Pillages Pilger – A Look Back Two Years Later

16 Jun 2016, 11:03 am

pilger twin

The Nebraska tornado outbreak significantly effected the state, twin EF-4 tornadoes killed two and injured twenty others in and around the vicinity of Pilger on the evening of June 16.

The two Pilger tornadoes were part of a system that produced four consecutive E-F4 tornadoes.

With today being the two year anniversary of when the twin tornados rolled through northeast Nebraska, destroying most of Pilger, WeatherNation and News Channel Nebraska thought it was important to check in and see where Pilger is today.

WeatherNation has been studying and covering Pilger’s journey for the last two years, we have stayed in touch with people who were affected.

According to field correspondent Tim Jones, “Nebraskans as a whole are resilient as the people who are affected by these type of tragedies…then you look deeper and say what are the good things that came out of this. People came all over to help out, from giving a hug, helping clean up or donating money.”

Jones says one of the biggest things they would like to have people stop doing is going outside and looking at the sky when they hear the sirens or see the warnings for a tornado.

“Storm chasing is not for everyone. We are trained professionals and I’m not trying to be condescending, but we need people to heed those warnings. We want people to be safe.”

Jones says WeatherNation wants to show people where Pilger is now and the growth ads support they have experience over the last two years. Jones says they are proud to tell their story and to have a box of tissues near by.

This story was produced as a joint effort with WeatherNation Affiliate News Channel Nebraska

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