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Deadly Storms Produce Tornado, Rip Through Germany

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An unusually potent round of thunderstorms created widespread destruction and even a violent tornado in northern Germany on Tuesday.

The town of Buetzow was reportedly heavily damaged by a tornado, with numerous images of a well-defined funnel appearing in the northeast German town, about 80 miles east of Hamburg. Roofs were reportedly torn off, bricks lay strewn in the streets and buildings were heavily damaged.

According to the website, Germany averages less than 10 tornadoes per year, making Tuesday’s storm climatologically rare.

But straight-line winds (non-tornadic) were reportedly at the heart of the day’s worst damage. The BBC reported that a 26-year-old man was killed in Germany’s northern city of Hamburg when wind-blown debris was blown into his car. At least three additional people were stranded in their cars as a result of debris from strong winds in the city.

Unusually warm air out ahead of a potent cold front helped fuel the strong storms. In Hamburg on Tuesday, temperatures warmed to 75°, a full 11 degrees above normal for the date. More strong storms are forecast to fire on Wednesday and possibly Thursday as the cold front moves into eastern Europe.

Meteorologist Chris Bianchi

Photos: @severeweatherEU

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