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Deadly Thousand-Year Flooding Devastates South Carolina

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In what’s being described by the state’s governor as “thousand-year level” rainfall, South Carolina is dealing with historic and deadly flooding, and the rain isn’t over yet.

At least three are dead with hundreds of reports of water rescues across the state of South Carolina, which saw the city of Charleston record its rainiest day on record on Saturday and Columbia see two-day totals of over a foot, leading to catastrophic, widespread flooding.

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley urged her constituents in a Sunday news conference to stay at home while the waters receded.

“If you are in your house, stay in your house,” Governor Haley said. “The water is not safe.”

Charleston received 11.50″ of rain on Saturday alone, and more than two feet (25″) has fallen in parts of the Charleston metro area since Friday, leading to Flash Flood Emergencies in the city late Saturday night into early Sunday morning. The 11.50″ figure is about 22.5 percent of the city’s typical annual rainfall. Columbia, meanwhile, had 7.39″ of rain on Sunday alone as of 4pm EDT, bringing two-day totals there to 13-14 inches – more than three times the city’s typical October rainfall of about 3.45 inches.

Over 70 miles of Interstate 95 in South Carolina was closed off for most of Sunday due to floods, and large portions of I-26, I-20 and I-77 were also closed as of early Sunday evening.

Additionally, Columbia, the state’s capital, is under a curfew from 6pm local time (EDT) Sunday night until 6am Monday morning.

South Carolina is under a State of Emergency and on Saturday, President Barack Obama declared the state a federal disaster zone, opening federal funds and other resources to assist in the state’s recovery efforts.

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For WeatherNation: Meteorologist Chris Bianchi

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