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Delta Airplane Slides off Runway at Snowy Detroit Airport

11 Dec 2016, 4:08 pm

A Delta Air Lines flight slid into the grass as it was taxiing after landing at the Detroit Metro Airport on Sunday morning.

“Delta Flight 724 landed and was in the process of turning from the runway and on to the taxiway when it left the pavement and stopped in snowy grass,” according to a statement from Delta spokesman Anthony Black. “The passengers were off-loaded and bused to the terminal about an hour late. All bags were recovered.”

Numerous passengers from Delta Flight 724 took to social media with tales of the incident; many included photos from the scene.

Photo: Jay Klopfenstein
Photo: Jay Klopfenstein

Bad weather had forced airlines to ground more than 1500 flights in the region. The aircraft has been towed to a maintenance hangar for inspection.

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