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Denver, CO: From Snow To 80s In Just A Few Days?

12 May 2014, 10:37 am

It’s like a Ferrari or a Corvette – with really strong brakes… The slogan for Rocky Mountain weather could be, “Weather in the Rockies: 0-60 and back again within just a few days span!”

I’ve always been fascinated by higher elevation weather.  If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’re likely aware that my first on-air meteorology job was in Casper, WY.  At over 5000 foot elevation (similar to Denver – the “Mile High City”) you’re much closer to cold air, if it’s around, and more prone to large cooldowns.  There are times I would spend time outdoors in 70 to 80 degree weather, and then a few days later we’d get a foot of snow.

Folks in Denver reading this blog likely know what I’m talking about.

Early May temperatures: May 3 High: 80 May 4 High: 85 May 5 High: 83 May 6 High: 77 Yesterday temperatures: May 11 High: 46 May 10-12 snowfall totals:


So you started out the month of May with 80s and upper 70s in Denver… and then you end up with 4-7″+ in the metropolitan area! So where does the roller coaster ride take you next? How about a warm-up for the weekend to near-80 degree temperatures?!?


By Sunday we could easily see temperatures climbing up near 80 or above in the region. Welcome to the front range of the Rockies!

WeatherNation Meteorologist Aaron Shaffer @ashafferWNTV

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