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Denver Sets Record for Lack of Snow This Season

3 Apr 2017, 5:52 pm

When you think of Denver weather, you probably think about snow…at some point. The city averages nearly five feet of snow a year and is notorious for its oddly-timed blizzards.

That is, except this winter.

Denver’s weather has been, well, warm so far this winter. In fact, it’s been so warm (and snow-free) that it set a record. When March concluded on Friday night, the Mile High City had only officially measured 19.3″ of snowfall for the season, the lowest snow season on record to date. That broke the previous record of 19.9″ from the winter of 1884-1885 – back when Chester Arthur was President, in case you were wondering.  

While moisture levels have been about average so far this winter in Denver, temperatures have consistently been well above average. In February and March combined, temperatures were more than 7.5° above monthly averages. March is typically Denver’s snowiest month with nearly a foot on average, while February is the city’s fourth-snowiest. Translation: close to two feet of average accumulation were lost by mild temperatures, mostly due to a dominant ‘ridge’ pattern that brought well above-average temperatures to the Southwest and also brought drier-than-normal conditions to the region as well.

That may change a bit on Tuesday. A cold rain likely changes to some wet snow in the Denver metro area, with possibly a slushy inch or two accumulating in the city. Higher elevation areas west and south of the city could see more significant accumulation, perhaps closer to 6″, while the mountains in southern Colorado and northern New Mexico could see well over a foot.

Also, April is typically Denver’s second-snowiest month, with 8.9″ of average monthly accumulation. Oh, and that 1884-1885 winter? It ended with nearly 52″ of snowfall. So winter isn’t done yet, even if it’s had trouble making its presence felt over the last few months.

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For WeatherNation: Meteorologist Chris Bianchi

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