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Despite Heavy Snow in East, West Still Suffering

Article 1The snowpack across the West continues to suffer. The problem is that the winter has been so mild that much of the precipitation has fallen as rain, not snow. Most in the Northwest saw a somewhat seasonal winter when it came to precipitation while areas south stayed below average.

In fact, the lack of snow caused one Northwest ski resort, the Summit at Snoqualmie, to shut down during the middle of the season until the snowpack improved – which it hasn’t.
Article 2
According to the NRCS, nearly a third of observation sites in the Cascades and Sierra Nevada Mountains are reporting the lowest snowpack ever measured. Some sites were even snow free back on March 1st.
Article 3
Rain, not snow, is in the forecast for the Northwest this weekend while Nevada and most of California stay dry and warm.

Meteorologist Stephanie Ortmann

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