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Detroit Flooding: Motor City Under Water

29 Sep 2016, 11:32 am

Motoring through Detroit during rush hour Thursday morning was a challenge. Upwards of three to four inches of rainfall filled tunnels and covered roads. Parts of Interstate 75 and 94 were closed for hours. Freeway M 10 filled like a tub with water under Cobo. Officials are urging drivers to use caution, as even merely wet road ways can be slick.

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Basements began filling with water as people scrambled to save their belongings. Thousands were left without electricity. This home in Highland Park filled with four feet of rainwater and sewage. They won’t be able to pump the water out until the city can unclog the sewers.

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A large area of low pressure stalled out over the eastern United States and a slow moving surface low continue to pump moisture in off of the Atlantic.  Because the over-arching weather pattern is not changing, the areas seeing storms also remain the same. From Fayetteville, NC to DC/Baltimore to Detroit, training thunderstorms have created life-threatening flash flooding.

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The forecast calls for rain on and off through the weekend. An additional 2″ is possible through Sunday night.

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For WeatherNation, Meteorologist Karissa Klos

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