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What a Difference a Couple of Years Make

19 May 2016, 6:01 pm

Texas Drought Comparison

Flooding continues to be an ongoing problem across parts of central and southern Texas this evening. But who would have thought that just two years ago, Texas was begging for the rain.

Back on May 20th, 2014, nearly 25% of Texas was in an Exceptional drought. On the drought severity chart, D4 is the highest possible level, also referred to as an exceptional drought. At the time, this was up 5% from the previous week. 72% of the state of Texas was in a moderate drought to exceptional drought.

Due to the recent heavy rain, less than 3% of the state is abnormally dry today.  Flash flooding will still be a concern this evening as heavy rain continues across southern Texas.

Earlier today, flight delays and cancellations were an issue at Houston’s George HW Bush Intercontinental Airport due to the heavy rain and severe storms in the area. There will be a brief break in the rain, before a few more chances enter back into the forecast by the later half of the weekend.

Houston Aiport Delays
Photo By: Drew Lundquist


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