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DIRECTV and WeatherNation Announce ‘Local Weather Now’

10 Feb 2014, 9:51 am

DirecTV and WeatherNation Enhance Coverage with ‘Local Weather Now’ Instant Access and a New Severe Weather Mix to be Activated During Major Weather Events 

EL SEGUNDO, Calif., and DENVER, Colo., Feb. 10, 2014DIRECTV and WeatherNation today announced a slate of new weather services including “Local Weather Now,” a feature that allows customers to access local weather anytime and the first-ever Severe Weather Mix which will provide six channels of interactive weather coverage on one screen during major weather events.

Local Weather Now, a new feature developed in partnership with WeatherNation, offers two ways to access customized local weather information at the zip code level.  First, beginning today, customers who are tuned to WeatherNation (channel 362) can press the red button on their remote to access instant local weather conditions and outlook.  In addition, later this week, short term and extended weather forecasts by zip code will also be integrated into the live WeatherNation broadcast and run automatically on the channel every 10 minutes.

The new Severe Weather Mix will launch in early March and will be activated during major weather events that are potentially life-threatening.  Services on the six-in-one-channel mix will vary depending on circumstances and will include:

·        WeatherNation for 24/7 national and regional weather coverage with access to the latest weather news, radar imagery, forecasting and severe weather information in  the U.S. and across the globe

·        Coverage from local broadcast stations, where available, from affected/nearby areas

·        Live remotes from experienced meteorologists in cities experiencing severe weather

·        Live radar channel for tracking severe storms with up-to-the minute storm cell tracking information

·        The latest weather advisories from NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)

·        Live coverage from top national news networks such as CNN and Fox News


“We realize that having instant access to local weather is important to our customers and are proud to partner with WeatherNation on these great new services, which will provide more in-depth local and severe weather coverage than any other TV provider,” said Dan York, DIRECTV Chief Content Officer.  “We also look forward to an array of additional new enhancements to WeatherNation on DIRECTV that will be announced in the coming weeks.”

“The Severe Weather Mix and Local Weather Now services will utilize cutting-edge technology, compelling graphics, expert forecasting ability and story-telling skills to quickly and conveniently communicate complex patterns and explain weather phenomena to viewers at home,” said Michael Norton, president of WeatherNation TV, Inc. “We are committed to reliable, consistent, round-the-clock weather information that is meteorologically accurate.”


About DIRECTV: DIRECTV (NASDAQ: DTV) is one of the world’s leading providers of digital television entertainment services delivering a premium video experience through state-of-the-art technology, unmatched programming and industry leading customer service to more than 37 million customers in the U.S. and Latin America. In the U.S., DIRECTV offers its 20 million customers access to more than 190 HD channels and Dolby-Digital® 5.1 theater-quality sound, access to exclusive sports programming such as NFL SUNDAY TICKET™, Emmy-award winning technology and higher customer satisfaction than the leading cable companies for 13 years running. DIRECTV Latin America, through its subsidiaries and affiliated companies in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, and other Latin American countries, leads the pay TV category in technology, programming and service, delivering an unrivaled digital television experience to more than 17 million customers. DIRECTV sports and entertainment properties include two Regional Sports Networks (Rocky Mountain and Pittsburgh), and minority ownership interests in Root Sports Northwest and Game Show Network. For the most up-to-date information on DIRECTV, please visit


About WeatherNation TV, Inc.

WeatherNation TV, Inc., headquartered in Denver, Colo., provides the WeatherNation channel, which offers 24/7 coverage of current and severe weather news and information in a compelling, meteorologist-hosted service available in both HD and SD format to local broadcasters, satellite providers and cable operators. WeatherNation TV is E/I compliant for local broadcasters, is closed captioned and supports EAS. WeatherNation TV is available via local broadcast digital channels in numerous cities including Boston, Minneapolis, Seattle, Denver and Atlanta and is growing monthly. For more information, please contact or (800) 343-9516. Visit


48 responses to “DIRECTV and WeatherNation Announce ‘Local Weather Now’

  1. You should probably do that then. WN is a lot like TWC used to be, before it got bought out and lost focus. I think there are enough unhappy customers to justify DirecTV going in a different direction. Some people such as yourself don’t like the change. Many, however, seem to be happy with a channel that just gives the weather and doesn’t make the service about itself or its personalities, but rather makes it about the viewer and what he/she wants and needs.

    I’m not sure what you would like to see that would make you feel like you’re ‘getting what you pay for.’ Sure, I’d like to hand DirecTV a list of channels that I want and have them all added to the service, but it doesn’t work that way. I think they have made a lot of people happy with this change, and some not. The fact remains that TWC wanted to play hardball… and when you play that game, you sometimes lose 20 million viewers.

    If you’re waiting for DirecTV to switch back to TWC… you may be waiting a long time. It looks as though what’s done is done.

      1. Totally agree. Plus TWC runs those worthless weather reality shows. That don’t help me one bit when a big thunderstorm is headed toward my house.

    1. you are correct. remember when Mtv played music…….couple years from now, remember when the weather channel showed the weather.

    2. Thank you Chuck for spelling it out perfectly.
      Some people are just change averse and there is no convincing them.
      I am a weather enthusiast and gave up long ago on TWC as it seemed whenever I wanted to see the weather there was another documentary on The Weather Channel.
      But TWC excelled during weather crisis with live reporters and excellent attention paid to the crisis.
      Now in conjunction with Directv, it seems like they are filling in the gap during crisis and will become everything TWC was before and better.
      Excellent comments Chuck

    3. I agree with Chuck. Weather Nation is definitely going to evolve and become something truly special. Please support them, I can guarantee that they will provide us with TWC quality weather reporting.

    4. We have multiple news channels available to us, why not give us multiple weather channels? This way everybody is happy.

    5. I totally agree. The weather channel had become a liberal network promoting “global warming” and other progressive opinions. I had heard they fired an employee that disagreed with this opinion on global warming. What else would you expect with their affiliation with the NBC network. Since WN has started local forecasts by zip code, I am sold.

    6. TOTALLY Agree that TWC is NOT WEATHER anymore!! Too many “extreme” mining shows, coast guard shows, etc. etc….come on, SHOW THE WEATHER! It turned bad when NBC bought it. I saw WeatherNation while I was on vacation, and WISH my Xfinity carried it! I would LOVE to watch LIVE weather coverage and not TV shows. GO WEATHER NATION!!! Also, TWC web site is FULL of sensationalized propaganda- this past fall they showed a HUGE hurricane headed straight for the coast of Florida on the main page- I totally freaked out, because There was no hurricane in sight (or so I thought)- turns out it was just a way to get you to click on a sponsored clip- in SUCH POOR taste. Those of you with Direct TV- you are not missing out on ANYTHING! I promise- TWC thought so much of themselves, they made it their duty to tell regular viewers how badly they would be missed. This is all coming for someone whose favorite channel for many years was TWC (before all the crappy changes).

    7. Chuck was Right-ON! WN was a welcomed change and UP-Grade from TWC. We wanted to get Weather from a Weather Station, Not BS! WN has a good APP. for my phone and they’re Website gets better each time I visit it. One of the best decisions DIRECT TV has ever made!

  2. Sorry The weatherchannel lost me when they SCREWED OVER John COLEMAN back in the 1980s…

    John Coleman STARTED the weather channel at the same time he was Chief Meterologist at GOOD MORNING America and WLS Chicago but certain moneyed interests forced him out and it has been DOWN HILL since

  3. Ah my exact point. Dr Forbes just posted on Facebook…various watches warning have been posted for a strip of states from Texas and Oklahoma through the Carolina’s…..You can get additional details by clicking on “WEATHER.GOV” not TWC but “WEATHER.GOV” site. Again TWC ignores the south. If the various warnings were for the northeast, TWC would be into their 24/7 northeast LIVE coverage.

  4. Providing detailed weather reports are available I don’t mind the change. I do feel that when there is a serious weather situation, updated, detailed reports should be broadcast at least every half hour.
    Happy to hear they will now have local weather and weather warnings.

  5. Jeff, you are also completely correct.
    When we had 15-20 inches of rain in one night several weeks ago I tuned to The Weather Channel and they had another documentary on and an alarm that sounded and prompt to push the red button.
    When I did the “life saving Weather Channel” showed “Flood Warning”.
    That’s it!
    Then two weeks later when losing Directv they had the audacity to ask us to go to our Congressman to stop the dropping of their “life saving service”.
    What a crock..,,,

  6. I always laugh when people are looking to switch providers over 1 channel,if you think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence then go for it you will be back. I applaud Weathernation and Directv for getting the red button app up as fast as they did. I can’t wait to see what is next in the coming weeks.People need to understand the growing pains Weathernation is going through so quickly.I think they are handling it great so far. Finally weather on a weather channel who would have thought!

  7. Yeah, Weather Nation, glad you are on DTV, was absolutely sick and tired of trying to get the weather on TWC and getting reality tv, I hate reality tv. Thanks for the local button, keep up the good work!

  8. I thought I’d miss TWC, but WN is no nonsense, weather info like TWC was in its early years. I hate their reality and entertainment programming that has little to do with weather, such as Prospectors or Ice Road Truckers.

  9. This is what’s going to knock TWC out of the race…especially with Severe WX coverage. Instead of tuning into an episode of “Prospectors”, you will receive complete updates when a Severe WX outbreak occurs. Way to go WeatherNation and DirecTV!!

  10. I feel like you’re putting us on, Teresa. WN is about WEATHER… TWC is now an entertainment channel. If you want reality TV, tune into TLC.

    Thank you, DTV! I appreciate WN focusing on WEATHER, and this is just another improvement in that same area. Please do NOT bring back TWC. They have proven that they are easily replaced.

  11. I agree with most of you concerning TWC and how it has become a reality, celebrity channel.. They forgot that the W stands for Weather. I think WN is really good and is here to stay. I live in Virginia and WN has mentioned our state weather more in the last few weeks than TWC ever did. Just hope WN in growing up does not forget its roots and will learn what not to do from TWC.

  12. I really like WN. TWC lost me when NBC bought them out and they got rid of the best people that did the weather. I like to watch weather and not the shows. Keep up dating and you will be fine. Thanks for a weather channel.

  13. Weather Nation is awesome! Thanks for the Local Weather Now feature. Now, if you can get some new music on the station, we’ll be in business:)

  14. Will this help me track a storm in North Dakota where my son is driving even though I’m in Oklahoma.? (He’s an over-the-road trucker and even though he has Weather Bug depends on me for updates,.

  15. Weather Nation, as long as it does not try to transform its as TWC did. Frankly TWC has been terrible with its never ending reality shows, the climate control agenda, and “Weather with Al”….NBC connection. Weather National is enjoyable to watch and is much more low key…as weather presentation needs to be. Don’t miss Jim “Disaster” Cantore either.

  16. I got rid of weather channel a while ago, I’m glad to have a weather channel that is not filled with lib ads. Thank you Direct TV, I hope it doesn’t change.

  17. I truly appreciate this approach. TWC became so sensationalized…”.Lets go live to ‘someone’….’Look over here, a snowflake!’ ” “Now lets go to someone else where a tornado MIGHT touch down.” The focus evolved to the extreme and improbable. SO many of viewers do NOT live where extreme is happening RIGHT NOW. We all simply need information so we can proceed. So…I so appreciate the Weather Nation … factual, pertinent, and relevant.

  18. At first I was disappointed about TWC being dropped. As a 10yr DIRECTV customer, change is hard. But looking back, TWC through miss-management became a legend in its own mind. Too many prima donnas. WeatherNation as many new venues require growing room. WeatherNation with the assistance of DIRECTV is giving us the 24/7 plus local forecasts. I hope WeatherNation will keep things in perspective and not transform into the broadcast monster TWC has now. If your that loyal to TWC go ahead and drop DIRECTV. There are still many DIRECTV customers to make up the difference.

  19. So glad to be getting weather when I turn on a weather channel. Thank you Directv and Weather Nation. Looking forward to the new “local weather” and weather mix channel. The only thing I missed with TWC was my local weather.

  20. I always wondered if there were other viewers out there who felt the Weather Channel had crossed the line into “Entertainment” TV. I agree the “reality” shows were just time fillers. They didn’t seem to want the meteorologists to work too hard or have too much air time. “Wake Up with Al (and Stephanie)” is a comic disaster. She tries to illustrate weather conditions with her body for goodness sake! I am just glad Directv got enough of the shenanigans.

    Weather Nation is low key and more serious but that’s what we WANT if we are looking for weather forecasts and conditions. The WN will grow and get only better. Give it a chance – those who miss their TWC…just give it a chance.

  21. I also reacted badly when TWC was dropped. But TWC was losing me with its personality driven format and all the reality TV nonsense. When it brought in Al Roker and his NYC centric liberal twaddle I was just about done with them.

    I am growing used to WN and it is obviously upping its game to meet the expectations of DTV customers.

    so, more power to DTV and good luck WN. Stick to the weather and you will keep most of us happy.

  22. TWC is all about reality TV now since Comcast/NBC/Universal boutght them out. I’m so glad DirectTV finally dumped them for WeatherNation. Now I can actually get weather when I turn on my TV. Thanks to WeatherNation and DirecTV for

  23. I am enjoying Weather Nation very much. Its like The Weather Channel USED to be. I don’t dislike TWC, but, I do detest what it has evolved into. The reality shows are a bit much. The ones about actual weather…like ‘Storm Riders’ and ‘Tornado Road’…were fine. But, the large majority of the others were a waste of airtime, IMHO.

    Some of the criticisms towards DirecTV for this change are very childish sounding. It was a business decision. Nothing more, nothing less. Both sides negotiated, and, DirecTV did not like TWC’s proposal, and, vice-versa. It happens every single day in the business world.

    If this decision is reason enough for you to drop DirecTV, just go ahead and do it. Spare the rest of us by not posting your fake outrage on Weather Nation’s page.

  24. Awesome, Graphics appear to be better twc. Can’t wait to see the full integration. It is already better than the weather channel for national weather.

  25. Keep up what your doing. That other channel sucks and is a sell out to the weather. This channel is right on the money.

  26. Thanks hdfoster! And thank you Lori from WeatherNation who took the time to personally email me right away to help. You are much appreciated. I love WeatherNation you are all real people please don’t change. I apologize for the rant, it won’t happen again. Now if I can get my computer to remember that I live in Tavares, Florida, not Miami,. Old ladies are never happy are they, lol. TC all, Keep up the good work. I’m so glad to be in Florida. Connie

  27. Awesome, tried it today and it worked like a champ. You guys are 100% better than the previous self-serving weather network.

    Please don’t go away!

  28. Remember MOST of us still have our local tv stations, right? I have Directv and still have local Atlanta channels , ABC, NBC , Fox, and CBS affiliates. All carry tons of weather reports and stories. I don’t rely on Weather Nation and certainly did NOT rely on the Weather Channel for my local forecasts. If you depend solely on WN or TWC, I sympathize, but try your local stations if you NEED precise local weather.

    I do not miss TWC at all as it was personality driven and was trying to make “stars” out of a few certain people. Did you notice how many left all at once? Eric Fisher was very good, Adam Berg was wonderful…Todd Santos was good…so many left for whatever reasons. I don’t know. But you can tell who the “sweethearts” were most definitely. All I wanted was WEATHER and not showcases and reality shows. Glad to have TWC gone from my television.

  29. I love, love, love your new weather nation. Thanks so much for this much needed service to the public. BUT why is the every-ten-minute LWN screen still blank for my zip code (59076) My local info is there if I press the red button but it is blank on the screen that pops up automatically every ten minutes or so. And it would help if the wording was a little bit larger–city names for instance. Please don’t let mine or anyone else’s problems discourage you from continuing to develop this great channel. We need it so much, just keep tweaking it and you’ll get there. And we’ll all be grateful.

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