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Dog Days of Fall: Cold Air Plunges South, Widespread Frost and Snow Potential Into Next Week

Thursday, October 17, 2013

The dog days of fall are definitely here! Thanks to Sandra Boggs for the picture below, where she says Dover is digging for fall!! We’ve seen a big shift in the weather map as of late. Cold air has and will take up residence in the eastern part of the country for what could be much of the rest of the month.

Cold Enough For Snow

Here’s a snapshot of temperatures a few thousand feet off the ground by the middle part of the next. Note big difference in temperatures from west to east as this high amplitude weather pattern settles in for an extended period.

Cold Enough For Snow Continued…

How about this… As the extended chill takes up residence in the northeastern quadrant of the nation, weak disturbances look to rotate through with the potential of either very chilly (light) rain showers or maybe even a little snow. Keep in mind that the ground is still quite warm, so any snow that would potentially fall would likely melt on most surfaces. However, I could see a light coating in grassy areas across the far north within the next 5 to 7 days… I think that by this time next week, there will have been several reports of flurries in the Upper Mississippi Valley.

Widespread Frost Potential

Many have yet to see their first frost/freeze across parts of the Midwest/Great Lakes/Ohio Valley, which interestingly is a bit behind schedule. In my Weather Rewind show yesterday at WNTV, I talked about how the growing season across the nation has increased by nearly 2 weeks since the 1980s.

See the full story HERE:

Here’s the forecast for next Wednesday morning, which shows the potential of widespread 20s and 30s from the Midwest to the Ohio Valley and beyond. Stay tuned for further updates!

Cold End to October

According to NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center, the eastern two-thirds of the country looks to stay cooler than average through the end of the month, while the western third of the country & Alaska could be warmer than normal.

Warmer Start to November?

This is a LONG ways out, but with the way the end of October looks, many will probably be wondering if there will be any warmth left in 2013. Here’s the (sometimes quite laughable) extended forecast for early November. Note the big blob of blue is showing signs of retreating a bit to the north. It’s not for certain, but there’s at least a little hope we won’t continue this well below average well into the later part of fall.

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