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Dolores Becomes a Beast in the Pacific

Dolores 500 windsIn the most recent advisory, the National Hurricane Center has upgraded Hurricane Dolores to a Category Four Hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Scale.

Dolores 500 windsHurricane Dolores was forecasted to slowly strengthen into a borderline Category Three storm. Dolores’ forward motion is slower than expected, which kept it over warm sea surface temperatures in excess of 75 degrees F. The hurricane is in an extremely low-shear environment with very light 500 mb winds. Dolores has a very symmetrical presentation in IR imagery which allows the system to exhaust air out equally in all directions.

Dolores sstAll of this means, that for this moment, Dolores is in the perfect environment for intense growth. But the good times won’t last for long.

Dolores 500 windsIn summary, Hurricane Dolores is forecast to move over cooler water and rapidly weaken into a tropical storm. As a meteorologist, I am constantly amazed at how fragile these large, powerful tropical systems can be. They can fall apart at the slightest bit of adversity. Fortunately, Dolores will encounter that adversity before making any kind of landfall in the next five days.

For WeatherNation: Meteorologist, Jason Cerjak


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