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Dolores Poised to Feed the Monsoon Machine

7-16 Dolores WV

Naturally,  summer is  the warmest time of the year; however, the summer months are also famous for another reason – the monsoon.

The monsoon is a seasonal wind pattern that brings increased moisture to the Southwestern United States in the months of July and August, which leads to increased thunderstorm activity to places that don’t normally see too much precipitation – such as Phoenix and Las Vegas. The monsoon wind pattern has been established over the Western US in the past few weeks, but with Hurricane Dolores in the Eastern Pacific, the monsoon will have a lot more moisture to work with soon.

7-16 Dolores upper winds
The ridge over Texas combined with a cutoff low in the Northern Pacific will work together to siphon off moisture associated with Dolores and funnel it over Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Kansas.  This will bring more storms to Phoenix and the desert southwest and all the hazards associated with them – such as lightning, flash flooding, and haboobs.  People living in these areas should take the usual precautions because the monsoon season has arrived and is about to swing into action.

7-16 Dolores satellite

For WeatherNation: Meteorologist, Jason Cerjak

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