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Tropical Double Whammy for Hawaii?


Hawaii may sit in the tropics, but cyclone impacts aren’t all that common. Since 1959, Hawaii has only had two named storms make direct landfall on the Islands. The most recent, Category 4 Hurricane Iniki, made landfall in 1992. The storm ripped through the Island of Kauai, leaving 6 dead in its wake. And now there are two named storms on the horizon, that could have the island chain in their sites.

Here’s What We Know

The two systems are churning in the Eastern Pacific are Iselle, a Category 3 storm and Julio, which is a still a tropical storm. That said, Julio is expected to become a hurricane in the next day or so.


At the moment, Iselle is posing the greatest threat to the Big Island of Hawaii. And much remains to be seen at to what Julio is actually going to do, but it’s remarkable how similar the forecast paths are at the moment. Currently, they’re both targeting the Hawaiian Island chain.


The National Weather Service in Honolulu is urging people to start preparing now because there’s so much uncertainty in the systems’ forecast.

Iselle saw its peak yesterday, topping out at 140-mph. Still a potent Category 3 storm, Iselle is currently starting to weaken and further weakening is expected in the coming days. Iselle is also starting go through some less-than-ideal conditions as it traverses cooler waters and interacts with upper-level shear. By the time it reaches Hawaii it should be a strong tropical storm with winds around 60 to 65-mph.


Julio on the other hand is not so easy to pinpoint just yet. The forecast is for it to track a little more southerly than Iselle has done, which means it has a better chance of holding on to hurricane status whenever is gets extremely close to Hawaii. Out of the two Julio has a better shot at making landfall as a hurricane, but it is still early to know for sure.

As the updates keep coming in and we start getting a better grasp on these storm we will let you know so make sure you keep it here with us at WeatherNationTv!

Oh, and just as a side note…Remember Genevieve? Well it has somehow held on and is forecasted to become a hurricane in the next week! Talk about resiliency…

Meteorologist Thomas Geboy

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