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Your Dream: Calm Weather for Much of Country

12 Jan 2015, 5:00 pm






After a busy Monday for the East Coast and snow in the Four Corners, things are about to calm down for a little while for virtually the entire lower 48.

Multiple areas of high pressure and a zonal upper wind flow pattern (winds moving in roughly the same direction) look to give much of the eastern and central U.S. a calm string of weather over the next few days. After a busy Monday and lingering rain in the Southeast for Tuesday and perhaps early Wednesday, sunshine will dominate the upcoming weather pattern from Miami to Dallas to Minneapolis and New York.

The best part, perhaps? After an extended Arctic chill, temperatures are expected to gradually rebound and thaw much of the Great Lakes and the East Coast into the weekend. Temperatures have mostly been at or below freezing for weeks from the Dakotas into Boston and as far south as Dallas, but the mercury should eclipse seasonal averages for many – particularly in the Plains – by the weekend.

One potential exception to the burst of nice weather could come on Wednesday morning, when an ice could accumulate in parts of central North Carolina, including Raleigh and Greensboro. Also, coastal rain and mountain snow move into the Northwest, including Seattle and Portland, starting later on Thursday. Stay tuned to WeatherNation for more on these forecasts.

By: Meteorologist Chris Bianchi


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