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Drier Days Ahead For the Southwest

30 Sep 2017, 2:13 pm

Portions of the southwest, have been absolutely drenched over the past few days.  Earlier in the week, much of western Texas was under Flash Flood Watches due to heavy periods of rain.  Much of the rain has been centered over New Mexico Thursday, Friday, and again today.

The showers have been more scattered in nature today in western Texas.  But the rain remains heavy and concentrated in northern New Mexico.  The ground there is already saturated from two days of rain, and an additional one to two inches of rain are possible into this evening.  That has prompted the National Weather Service to issue Flash Flood Watches for Saturday.

Along with soaking rain, there is a small possibility of severe weather in central New Mexico today.  A few storms could contain damaging hail, and straight line winds over 58 mph.

But there is some great news for the region.  High pressure is moving in.  And than means, the rain will be moving out.  Blue skies and sunshine will soon replace the clouds and showers.  Check out the wonderful forecasts for Santa Fe and Albuquerque:

Most people will agree, beautiful weather is on the way for the next several days.  And after all the recent rain, well deserved.

For WeatherNation:  Meteorologist Matt Monroe

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