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Should you be Drinking Cold or Hot Drinks on a Cold Day?

17 Feb 2016, 11:55 am

cold drinksThat hot drink that you are drinking on a cold day in hopes of warming you up, does something unique to your body.

There are thermoreceptors in your throat that cause you to increase your sweating.

Something you wouldn’t expect on a cold day, that’s right drinking a hot drink can cause you to sweat and when that sweat evaporates, you actually cool off, not warm up.

As long as that sweat can evaporate, it cools off the body faster than a cold drink.

Dr. Karen Hlinka, an anatomy and physiology professor says, drinking a warm drink over a cold drink can actually cool you off faster, under certain conditions.

If you were working out in an air conditioned health facility and you were wearing clothing that wicked the sweat away and let it evaporate very quickly, then a warm drink might be beneficial than a cold one.

Back at the coffee shop, Peyton is almost done with her hot drink, one she typically doesn’t want while at the gym.

“Typically when I work out myself, I want something cold, that’s usually what my body carves, and so I want to go for a cold bottle of water.”

But not next time, she’s considering a warm dark over her cold one.

For WeatherNation: Meteorologist Jason Lindsey

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