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Drought Busting Rain for the Southeast

4 Jun 2017, 11:45 am

It’s been an unusually dry winter and spring for much of the southeastern U.S., but particularly for the state of Florida. Dry conditions over the past several months have led to severe and extreme drought conditions across the sunshine state, leaving them in desperate need of rainfall. The good news is that a drenching rainfall is in the forecast.

Drought monitor for the 1st week of June across the southeast


Deep, tropical moisture will stream northward from the Gulf of Mexico. This moisture is the remnants of (what was) tropical storm Beatriz in the Pacific Ocean last week. That moisture will now mean very heavy rainfall for the Gulf Coast states, including parched Florida. A general 2-4 inches of rain is in the forecast through Thursday of the upcoming week.

Forecast rainfall amounts through Thursday, June 8


WeatherNation spoke with the lead forecaster at the National Weather Service in Miami, Florida, Tony Reynus. He says that while it may be inconvenient weather for beach-goers and tourists, the rainfall is exactly what the doctor ordered. The typical daily thunderstorms that Florida often sees in the warmer months just won’t be enough to break this drought. A widespread, soaking rainfall is what is needed to bust the drought across the Sunshine state. The expected rainfall this week will certainly help eliminate some of the drought and fire weather concerns.


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