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Drought-Busting Snow?

19 Feb 2013, 2:43 pm

Persistent drought encompasses nearly everything west of the Mississippi, but a few big snow storms could really make a dent.  In the worst drought since 1956, every little bit counts.

In the most recent update from the Drought Monitor, nearly 57% of the nation is in Moderate to Exceptional drought. Some improvement has been made in the extreme Upper Midwest, and we could see more with a parade of snow storms headed for the Central Plains.

Here are their snow deficit numbers:

This latest model forecast is showing a pretty good dumping of snow through Kansas and Nebraska, which is good news for two of the driest states in the Central Plains.

We’re looking at a possibility of 10-12″ of snow for Kansas, followed by a temperature increase late this week. The snow will have a chance to melt, and with ground frost near zero into central Kansas, hopefully the moisture will be absorbed.

Did you know that despite wave after wave of Lake Effect Snow, some locations around the Great Lakes are still in a snow deficit? Meteorologist Todd Nelson has more on the February snow pack in today’s Weather Rewind segment.

That’s all for this blog post, have a great Tuesday!

Meteorologist Miranda Hilgers


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