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The Drought Stricken Southeast Likely to See Beneficial Rain This Week

11 Dec 2016, 4:43 am

The drought in the Southeast, although it has gotten better in the last week, is still seeing severe and exceptional drought conditions. Most of Northern Georgia and Northern Alabama are in, at least, the severe category of drought. Meaning, the lack of rainfall is so extreme it would take feet of rain to bust it.


Good news, there is rain on the way. No, we’re not expecting feet of rain to fall. Many places may not even pick up an inch of rain over the next week but the fact the rain is in the forecast, whether it’s a trace of rain or several inches of rain, it will make a difference.


The Climate Prediction Center (CPC) has put out their new 6-10 day precipitation outlook and their new 8-14 day precipitation outlook. With each time period, the Southeast is expected to see above normal precipitation. Great news!

The thing we do not want to see with this rain is severe weather and flooding. Which both are not expected. The rain in the Southeast may dampen some plans for this week but overall, the fact that rain is on the way is far better news.



For WeatherNation: Meteorologist Andy Stein

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