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Drought Update – Iowa Reservoir Reaches All-Time Record Low Stage; More Snow For Midwest?

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

Take a look at the Saylorville Reservoir near Des Moines, IA from December 12th. The recent dry year has allowed the reservoir to reach an all-time record low stage, which is down nearly 50ft. to 60ft. from July of 2010!

Iowa Drought

The latest update from the US Drought Monitor has 100% of the state in a MODERATE DROUGHT or worse… 41% of the state is considered to be in an EXTREME DROUGHT.

Drought Comparison 2010 vs. 2012

Take a look how much different the drought was from July 2010 to now! According to the US Drought Monitor, only 7% of the nation was considered in a Moderate drought or worse vs. nearly 62% of the nation in a Moderate drought or worse.

Precipitation Looking Forward

NOAA’s HPC 5 day precipitation forecast over the next 5 days suggests several inches of precipitation possible for those in the Northwest as Pacific moisture continues to get wrung out there. Pieces of these Pacific storms will bring precipitation chances to other parts of the country through early next week.

More Midwest Snow?

Last weekend was host to a major snow dump across the Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN area… Another storm looks to take a favorable track for additional snow, but this time around, warmer air is going to get wrapped up into the system, so rain and a wintry mix will cut down the snow totals dramatically.

Minneapolis Temperature Profile

The latest GFS forecast for the Minneapolis, MN area suggests that temperatures near the ground and a few thousand feet off the ground will be near or slightly above freezing. The problem here is that as moisture begins to spread into the area, a mixed bag of rain, freezing rain, sleet and snow will all be possible.

Minneapolis Precipitation Forecast

The latest GFS forecast suggests a messy bag of freezing rain, rain, sleet and snow from late Friday into early Saturday, then switching to all snow PM Saturday into Sunday. With temperatures as close as they are to the freezing line, any shift in the storm could be more or less rain/snow… stay tuned!

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