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Dry Spell On The Way For Soaked South

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Despite a rainy Saturday up and down Texas’ hard-hit I-35 corridor, the long-term forecast for the flooded south appears to be a promising one.

After Tropical Storm Bill hit the already inundated region with over a foot of rain last week, a much calmer weather pattern should allow the region a needed reprieve from flooding rainfall over the last few weeks. A developing area of high pressure in the Gulf of Mexico should give cities such as Dallas-Fort Worth, Oklahoma City, Houston, Austin and San Antonio a breather from all of the nearly non-stop soaking rainfall that has pummeled the region for nearly two months.

Scattered showers and storms will continue to linger around mostly eastern Texas on Sunday, but they should start to dissipate later Sunday as the area of high pressure over the northern Gulf of Mexico continues to strengthen. For Dallas-Fort Worth, which as of Saturday was 15.18″ over its typical year-to-date rainfall, this will offer the swollen Trinity River to recede, along with the roaring Red River further north along the Texas-Oklahoma border. Other locations that should enjoy the spurt of sunshine include Houston, which is 12.50″ over its typical year-to-date rainfall (at Bush Intercontinental Airport), Shreveport, Louisiana, which is 15.48″ over on its average year-to-date rainfall, and particularly Oklahoma City, which is a whopping 17.24″ over its rainfall since January 1st – more than double its typical year-to-date precipitation total of 17.12″.

Colorado, also hard-hit with its rainiest May on record, looks even drier than Texas and Oklahoma. Some rain returns to the Centennial State mid-week, but it appears to be in the form of scattered afternoon showers and thunderstorms rather than the widespread heavy rainfall that has bogged the region over the last two months.

Stay with WeatherNation for any and all possible fluctuations in the forecast over the next few weeks.

Meteorologist Chris Bianchi

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