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Dry Weather Continues for Mid-Atlantic, Northeast

4 Oct 2017, 5:58 am

Dry weather continues for the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. This has definitely been the case for Washington, D.C. and its surrounding areas.

No rain has been measure for Washington, D.C. since the middle of September. Official weather reporting sites at Baltimore/Washington International Airport, Reagan National Airport and Washington Dulles International were down more than 2 inches for the month of September. This dry weather is continuing into the month of October. This dry weather will have an impact on the fall foliage across the region, with fall colors lasting for a shorter duration.

Rain Total for Month of September

Baltimore/Washington International Airport: 2.08 inches (2.08 inches below normal for the month)

Reagan National Airport: 1.43 inches (2.29 inches below normal for the month)

Washington Dulles International Airport: 1.75 inches (2.17 inches below normal for the month)


While the Mid-Atlantic has been dry, the region is not under a drought, according to the United States Drought Monitor. The U.S. Drought monitor does show that other parts of the Northeast are dealing with adnormally dry and drought conditions, such as parts of Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont and the Northeast coast. The worst drought conditions are in place across coastal Maine. For this area, a moderate drought is in place. This is another area where fall foliage will likely be impacted by the dry conditions, with colors lasting for a shorter duration.

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