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Earliest Tropical Depression on Record May Form

Hurricane season in the eastern Pacific officially begins May 15 but the tropics are already acting up.

The earliest tropical depression on record may form in the eastern Pacific next week, bringing rain and wind to Central America and southern Mexico.

Several storm clusters are pushing west off of Central America where conditions are conducive for tropical development. If a tropical depression develops before May 12, it would be the earliest on record– which began in 1966.

The earliest tropical depression on record to form in the eastern Pacific occurred on May 12, 1990, which later intensified to what became known as Hurricane Alma.

Conditions will become more favorable for tropical development toward the start of next week. The National Hurricane Center is giving a 40% chance of tropical development over the next five days. The exact location of tropical development will determine who will experience impacts.

If it develops further to the east along Costa Rica or Nicaragua, then it will bring heavy rain and gusty winds to Central America. If the storm develops further to the west, it will favor impacts to Mexico. Development of the storm further to the west may also increase the chances of it intensifying into a hurricane.

The first name on the list for the 2017 eastern Pacific hurricane season is Adrian.

For WeatherNation: Meteorologist Nick Merianos


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