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Early Start to Fall?

6 Aug 2017, 3:12 pm

Has summer already left us in the first week of August? Is this the start to an early fall? Sorry, cold weather fanatics, the heat is likely to return, but not before we experience a cool spell. Those living along the West Coast and Southern states will continue to feel the summer sizzle, while those stretching form the High Plains to the East Coast will get a break from the heat.

The reason for the dip in temperatures is due to a low pressure system in the upper atmosphere over the Great Lakes region. Counter-clockwise rotation, or cyclonic rotation associated with a low, is able to essentially ‘grab’ colder air from Canada and funnel its way south into the United States.

Along with the cooler temperatures, the next few days could hold rain in your forecast. As a surface high pressure system slides to the south from Canada, the outer edges of the high, or the unstable area of the high, could spark rainy conditions. Anyone from the Rocky Mountains through the Central Plains to the East Coast could get in on some precipitation this week.

With cooler air from Canada and rainy conditions stretching through the country’s midsection, this makes for the perfect combination to keep summer’s sizzle at bay.

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