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Earthquake and Tsunami

11 Mar 2011, 11:13 am

A massive earthquake in Japan has generated widespread devastation, significant damage, and many deaths.  And that is only the beginning, it also triggered a Tsunami that has been traveling across the Pacific during the early morning hours.  First the details on the earthquake, then we’ll move on to the impending tsunami.

Location of Earthquake, as reported by the USGS:

The largest blue square indicates the location of the center of the 8.9 magnitude quake.  This is 231 miles to the northeast of Toyko  To put this in perspective, the earthquake that shook Haiti last year had a magnitude of 7.0. and it was 8.1 miles deep.  The Japan earthquake had a significantly higher magnitude but it was also not as close to the surface at 15 miles deep.  After the quake, more than 4 million buildings in area lost power.  Among all the chaos of the aftermath, numerous fires also broke out.  This may end up being one of the strongest earthquakes on record for Japan and one of the 4 strongest earthquakes in any country since 1900.  Japan has some of the strictest building codes in the world, which probably saved lives and some speculate that no country is better prepared to handle an earthquake than Japan.  There are rigorous procedures in places to evacuate and warn residents in areas that are most likely to be affected.

The tsunami that was triggered has been traveling across the pacific during the morning hours.  It made landfall in Hawaii with little fanfare.  But some of the strongest waves  may still be coming.  Tsunami warnings have been in places this morning and remain effect for the west coast of the US.  Timing of impact:


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