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East vs. West, Cold vs. Warm

25 Dec 2017, 4:35 pm

Winter is here!  You can feel it across much of the United States.  Christmas 2017 started off brutally cold in the northern Great Plains and Upper Midwest.  The coldest temperature in the contiguous United States was found in Park Rapids, Minnesota.  The temperature fell to -31 degrees Monday morning in this community situated about 190 miles northwest of Minneapolis.

On the flip side, the warmest temperature in the Lower 48 was in Miami, Florida.  The temperature topped out at 84 degrees on Christmas day.  That’s 115 degrees warmer than the coldest Christmas temperature in Park Rapids, Minnesota!

What will the rest of the week—and the rest of the year—bring?  Colder than normal temperatures will likely grip much of the eastern United States.  The western half of the country has a good chance of above normal temperatures.

Let’s compare two cities.  Duluth, Minnesota will endure high temperatures averaging 15 to 25 degrees below normal.  Phoenix, Arizona will enjoy high temperatures some 5 to 10 degrees above normal.

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Meteorologist Joe Astolfi

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