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Peak Cherry Blossom Bloom! Easter Week Storm(s)?

10 Apr 2014, 12:59 pm

Peak Bloom!!

According to the National Mall and Memorial Parks in Washington D.C., the Cherry Blossoms are at peak bloom TODAY!!

See more from their Facebook page HERE:

4-10 Cherry Blossom

Thanks to @nikkirap for the image below during peak bloom here today and what beautiful weather too!

See more from the HERE:


Take a look at the LIVE Cherry Blossom Webcam from HERE:


4.10 Cherry Blossom Festival

2nd Latest Peak Bloom Since 1992

According to the National Mall and Memorial Park, this is actually the 2nd latest peak bloom on record since 1992!

4.10 Peak bloom datesStill Colder Than Average

Despite the warmer weather over the last couple of days across parts of the nation, it appears that the upper level weather patter will fall back to it’s normal routine as of late. Here’s NOAA’s CPC temperature outlook through the middle part of April.

4.10 HPC 8 to 14 day temp outlook

Easter Week Storm(s)?

As we approach Easter Sunday in less than 2 weeks, some may be keeping a close eye on travel weather. There appears to be a storm developing by late this weekend/early next week across parts of the Midwest/Great Lakes Region. Heavy rain and snow may be possible in spots… Interestingly, there appears to be yet another storm brewing by late next week a little farther west.

4.10 Storm Next Week

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