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Eight Months Later: Big Snow Pile Remains in Buffalo, New York

28 Jul 2015, 3:37 pm


The epic snow pile in Boston, Massachusetts may be gone, but 400 miles west of Boston in Buffalo, New York, an eight-month-old reminder of a harsh winter remains.

According to Buffalo TV station WGRZ, a dirt-laden snow pile still remains near Buffalo’s Central Station on the city’s east side. As was the case with Boston’s epic snow pile, which only fully melted earlier this month, the dirt and garbage acted to help insulate the snow and keep it from melting.

WGRZ’s Dave McKinley reported that the snow pile is hard to see (see picture) as it’s covered in garbage and grime accumulated during the eight months since the majority of the snow fell in late November.

An above-average winter featured 112.9″ of snow in Buffalo, 18.2″ above the city’s typical annual snowfall. For reference, Boston had 110.6″, its snowiest winter on record. However, Buffalo received an enormous amount of snow during a historic November blizzard, which featured nearly 100″ of snow on the city’s south side and nearby southern suburbs over a mere three days. That snow forced the city to pile feet of snow near Central Station.

With warm temperatures expected to stay over western New York over the next few days, the snow pile may soon become history. Stay with WeatherNation for the latest on snow piles, snow and all sorts of fun – albeit grimy – meteorological tidbits!

Meteorologist Chris Bianchi – Photo: @WGRZ

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