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El Niño Brings Records Setting Precipitation

It is the rainy season for the Pacific Northwest but thanks to the El Niño set up, this December through February has been record setting.

The Portland International Airport it already at the rainiest winter on record and we still have 10 days to go in the month of February to. On average, the airport receives about 14″ of rain. This year the airport is measuring 25.86″ of rain. Well above average!


How does this compare to the rest of the West Coast?

In the Sierra Nevada’s, almost all areas are near normal for snowfall accumulation so far this winter. After numerous seasons with a significant lack of snowfall, this is huge news.

Rain wise, Sacramento, San Francisco and San Diego are all close or near 100% of their normal rainfall for the season.

Even Death Valley talking about a potential “super bloom”.

Ready For a Wildflower “Super Bloom”? It’s Coming

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 1.59.58 PM

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