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El Niño helping to keep Winter a bit milder for some…

17 Oct 2009, 5:02 pm

It’s been a wintry October for many in the Midwest and Northeast so far, but I come with some good news that will hopefully pan out this Winter. It seems that El Niño is going to be a factor in our winter weather outlook–between the months of December and February is what we’re specifically talking about. It is amazing how changes in the weather pattern thousands of miles away can impact global weather. This is a good example of just that! As you may or may not know, the equatorial surface waters in the Pacific can change in temperature. When it warms, the phenomena is known as “El Niño” and can give us clues as to what our general weather pattern is going to be like.

Where’s the good news? Warmer than average temperatures could be in place across the Upper Midwest, the northern plains and states like Montana. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the northern tier of the U.S. won’t be escaping the inevitable: cold artic air masses. But as a whole, we may be dealing with unseasonably warmer conditions. More good news: California might be seeing wetter than average conditions. Sure, it’s a headache driving in the rain (and snow in the mountains), but let’s not forget about the drought in that state. Speaking of droughts, Texas is in worse shape! How about them? As luck would have it, a wetter than average “winter” may be on tap for that state as well.

Where’s the bad? Southeasterners may be dealing with more of a chill this winter. Below average temperatures could be in store for the area. I’m from Florida and I know how whiney Floridians can get about highs in the 60s. Of course, to some, it means whipping out the scarves, Uggs and heavy parkas–an exciting scenario for some. Depending on your fashion preference, this may or may not be a good thing!

Looking for some visuals? Here ya go:

Winter Outlook: PrecipitationWinter Outlook: Temperatures

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