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El Nino… Spanish for “The Nino”

19 Jan 2010, 2:30 pm

Hello and happy Tuesday everyone, hope you are doing alright. Take a look at the image below of the jet stream or strong upper level winds. Note, the rainbow of colors out west in the Pacific Ocean – this is a power house jet stream – roaring at over 200mph! It’s not unprecedented, but it’s not an everyday occurrence.

Jet Stream

From Drought to Extreme Spout

Take a look at the drought situation in the southwest – this report was released by the U.S. Drought Monitor last Thursday. It’ll be interesting to see how this changes by this Thursday and even next Thursday after all this heavy rain/snow is doneski

Great Basin Drougt

California Drought

5 Day Rainfall Around the Nation

This should help the drought situation out a little bit – too bad it’s coming in all at once!

day rain

Have a happy Tuesday!!

Meteorologist Todd Nelson – WeatherNation LLC

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