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Emergency Management Officials Talk About Tropical Storm Emily Impacts

31 Jul 2017, 1:47 pm

Tropical Storm Emily made landfall Monday morning in Florida, and emergency management officials in the state have been preparing for the storm.

Preston Cook, Director of Emergency Management for Hillsborough County, talked to WeatherNation about the concerns with the rainfall and flash flooding potential for the area.

“We are fortunate here in Hillsborough County. We have seen a lot of rain but not a lot of wind,” Cook said. “We were pretty saturated already, so that’s been our biggest concern dealing with the rain.”

He also mentioned that dealing with locally flooded roadways and areas, especially rivers, is a big concern. They plan to monitor those very closely and are prepared to respond.

And about 60 miles south of Hillsborough County, Sarasota County emergency management officials are also feeling the impact and dealing with Tropical Storm Emily.

Ed McCrane, Director of Emergency Management for Sarasota County, says that flooding is also the main issue from this tropical storm in their county.

“We have some areas along the coast that have a tendency to have nowhere for water to run off, so we have been dealing with that, some downed trees, and intermittent power outages,” McCrane says. “We also had a couple mobile homes get their roof blown off with the wind during landfall.”

McCrane says that this a good wakeup call for residents.

“We are in hurricane season. We are approaching the peak in September and this is just minor,” McCrane said. “It could be a lot worse. Now is the time to be ready.”

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