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End of Week Blizzard and Severe Threat

18 Feb 2014, 12:43 pm

Weather map are lighting up for the end of the week. Take a look at the forecast through AM Thursday and note the large storm centered near Kansas City, MO by AM Thursday. This classic spring storm will have heavy snow/blizzard potential on its northwest flank, while strong to severe thunderstorms will begin to flourish on its eastern flank by Thursday afternoon/evening.

7PM Thursday Outlook

Here’s a higher resolution look at the storm potential by 7pm Thursday. At this point, heavy snow will be ongoing across parts of the Midwest/Great Lakes while strong to severe thunderstorms will be rumbling across the Ohio and Tennessee River Valleys.

Snow Potential

The National Weather Service has already issued winter weather headlines for heavy snow/blizzard potential across the Midwest on Thursday. I expected more winter weather headlines to be issued as Thursday nears, stay tuned!

Snow Potential

Here’s a glance at snow potential through Friday. Note the big snow blob over parts of Wisconsin and the U.P. of Michigan.

Severe Potential

Here’s the severe outlook over the next few days. Keep in mind that Thursday looks like the more significant day for widespread severe storms across the Ohio Valley and Tennessee River Valleys.




5 Day Precipitation Forecast

Heavy precipitation is expected in spots along and east of the Mississippi River Valley through the early weekend. Unfortunately, this may lead to flooding concerns across parts of the Ohio Valley as rapid snow melt will be accompanying this heavy rain.

Thanks for checking in and have a great rest of your week!

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5 responses to “End of Week Blizzard and Severe Threat

  1. Weathernation now includes forcast by zip code,including prov. R.I. way to go ! Who needs the weather channel now ? Thank You !

    1. Bye, bye Weather ach. They lost their way out digging for crystals. Only show worth anything is the Coast Guard shows.

  2. Nice detailed information online. Also, Weathernation is sticking to weather or weather related events. Nice Job. Also, knowing you have professional Meteorologists on staff, You don’t blow your own horn like Dr. this & from the Professional’s Desk like The Weather Channel.

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