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Entering Meteorological Winter

30 Nov 2013, 12:26 pm

Changes For December

Not only are we changing the calendar to a new month tomorrow, but we also change to a new season. Meteorological Winter is defined as the months of December, January, and February.  Temperatures will, of course, be falling throughout the month ahead.  Here’s a look at how much the temperature will change, on average, in various cities around the country and some early projections on what to expect this December.

First, this is how where we are at right now in terms of average temperature.  Normal highs are in the 30s near the north and in the upper 60s across the south.

By New Years Eve, it will most likely be much cool and many cities may even have some snow on the ground, if they don’t already.

This December

The Climate Prediction Center suggest that a majority of the country has an equal chance of below or above average temperatures for the month.  There is a small pocket in Northern Montana and North Dakota that has a greater chance of being cooler than average and much of the Southwest has a great chance of being warmer than average this month.

Much of Texas and portions of the Southeast will most likely have a drier than average December, while Montana has a greater chance of having a wetter than average December.

Happy Winter!

Meteorologist Gretchen Mis

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