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Estes Park Colorado – Running of the Elk – Try Getting to Work in This Traffic:

2 Oct 2015, 10:31 am

elk estesElk Descend From Mountains Into Colorado Town (Or whatever title you like, really)

It’s an important time of year in Estes Park, Colorado. “Elk Fest” is the weekend of October 3 and 4. Every autumn is mating season for the North American Elk. In the town of Estes Park, large herds come out of higher elevations to socialize in the wide-open meadows. Brooke Burnham with Visit Estes Park says it is quite the spectacle, “This time of year, the elk go through their mating ritual, or rut. Which consists of the elk bugling and sparring and rounding up what is called a harem or a group of cows to mate with. And so we celebrate the elk this time of year because of that spectacular behavior and the popularity of watching those mating rituals.”

Burnham adds there’s even more to do than take in the display of hundreds of elk, “The festival is free to attend and includes all sorts of elk-themed activities as well as live music and craft beer gardens, really something for everyone to get involved with the elk rut and to celebrate our wildlife here in Estes Park.”

Although the sight of so many elk up close can be make for an incredible scene, it’s important to remember the nature of these animals.

“Even though the elk are here in town they are wild animals andthey are wildlife so we awant to make sure that people understand that they keep a distance and be respectful of the elks’ territory even when that territory is here in town. We just want everyone to stay safe and respect the animals’ space,” Burnham said.

For more information on Elk Fest, click here.


Bonus Elk in Estes Park Trafic Video

Estes Park traffic jam caught on camera!

Talk about antler-to-antler traffic… this is quite the traffic jam caused by a gang of elk in Estes Park!

Posted by 9NEWS (KUSA) on Thursday, October 1, 2015

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