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Eureka Kansas Tornado Rated

8 Jul 2016, 7:00 pm


Multiple tornadoes occurred in Kansas Thursday evening, causing damage to homes. The strongest tornado developed northwest of Eureka, where high-end EF-3 damage was found. As the storm cycled and continued to move towards Eureka, an EF-2 tornado developed on the northwest side of the city and moved southeast across the city before dissipating. There were also brief touchdowns in far southeast Chase county and northwest Wilson county.


The first tornado occurred between 9:15 to 9:20PM CDT. This tornado was rated an EF-1, with peak winds of 110-mph. This tornado traveled for 1.56 miles and had an estimated max width of 50 yards.


The second tornado formed 10 miles northwest of Eureka, and was rated an EF-3. This tornado had peak winds of 165-mph, and traveled for 1.72 miles, with an estimated width of 1365 yards. This was on the high end of the EF-3 rating.


The last tornado went through Eureka between 9:41 and 9:50PM CDT, and was rated an EF-2, with estimated peak winds of 135-mph. The tornado tracked off to the southeast for 3.67 miles and had an estimated width of 150 yard. Fortunately no injuries or fatalities were reported with these tornadoes.


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