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Excluding Hawaii, Weather Across the U.S. is Freakishly Quiet

17 Oct 2014, 3:05 pm


While the tropics rage, weather across the entire Continental U.S. and Alaska is as quite as a church mouse. It’s literally a meteorologist’s worst nightmare. Only kidding with that last part, after a workweek filled with early-week tornadoes and strong tropical systems, we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief at the tranquility of our current meteorological situation.

Across the entire country, the only watches and warnings to speak of — on Friday afternoon — deal with Hurricane Ana near Hawaii and a rip current statement on the central Atlantic coast of Florida.

Otherwise, the weekend looks pretty good for the entire country as high pressure dominates much of our nation’s weather. There are a couple of exceptions, of course; rain is possible in the Great Lakes and Northeast as a front exits the region over the next couple of days and a weak disturbance in the Pacific Northwest could lead to a soggy weekend as well.

That said, overall, expect a nice weekend in the Southwest, Four Corners, Southern Plains, Deep South and Mid-Atlantic. After the week we’ve had, we deserve it.

Meteorologist Alan Raymond

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