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Extreme Heat vs. Freezing Cold

21 Aug 2016, 11:33 pm

When you think of the Pacific Northwest, what images come to mind? Cloudy, rainy and cool, perhaps? That was definitely not the case late last week as thermometers soared and new record high temperatures were set.

Seattle witnessed two record-setting days in a row. Afternoon high temperatures were in the 90s on both Friday and Saturday. Portland, on the other hand, made it into the 100s. Oregon’s largest city experienced record heat for three consecutive days!


Not too far away, many cities in Wyoming dropped to new record cold temperatures on the very same day the Pacific Northwest was breaking record highs. On Saturday morning, cities such as Cheyenne and Casper dipped into the 30s! Frost was even found across southeast Wyoming over the weekend.

What would you prefer this time of year: extreme heat or freezing cold? Let us know!

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