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Extreme Weather Conditions Make Memorable Football Games

3 Feb 2013, 11:55 am

With the today’s game being played inside, weather isn’t much of a factor in the outcome of this game.  As fans descend upon New Orleans, the conditions are about as good as they can get.  High temperature today will be in the upper 60s accompanied by plenty of sunshine.

Remnants of last night’s festivities on Bourbon Street.  Street sweeper out this morning as shown on the webcam from Earthcam pictured below.

Morning Conditions

Weather conditions haven’t always been as cooperative, considering that football is usually an outdoor sport played during the harshest of winter months.  The National Weather Service office in Louisville has put together a fantastic list of memorable games with extreme weather conditions.  Here are a few of the highlights from that page:

December 9, 1934

A frozen field made for very slippery conditions for the 2nd annual NFL Championship Game, held at the Polo Grounds. In the third quarter the Chicago Bears led the New York Giants 13-3. One of the Giants players remarked that sneakers would be more suitable for the icy playing surface. Another team member hurried to nearby Manhattan College and picked up nine pairs of sneakers. After switching to the sneakers, the Giants scored 27 points in the fourth quarter to win the game 30-13.

January 10, 1982

The Cincinnati Bengals beat San Diego in the AFC Championship 27-7. The temperature dropped to -9 as the game was played in Cincinnati. The wind was blowing over 50 mph, making the wind chill factor 59 degrees below zero which is the coldest wind chill ever recorded during an NFL game. Fans’ beers froze in their cups. The game is nicknamed the Freezer Bowl.

December 16, 1979

In Tampa Bay, the Buccaneers prepared to play the Kansas City Chiefs as rain began to pour on what was about to become the 1979 Monsoon Game. The field was covered in water and mud, and water was flowing down the stadium steps like a waterfall. The Buccaneers picked up a win with the score of 3-0 on a 19 yard field goal in the fourth quarter.

More games here:

Happy Sunday!

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