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Extreme Weather Simulator – Who Wears the Deadly Crown

24 Sep 2015, 5:14 pm

deadly weather
Weather is nothing to mess around with in any aspect. Leave the storm-chasing and spotting to trained professionals.

On 30 year average the annual death toll– Hurricane: 47, Lightning: 49, Tornado: 72, Floods: 81.

Although there are no flood-nado movies, D–Flooding wears the deadly crown.

Each year, flooding kills more people than any other severe weather-related hazard. The Downtown Aquarium in Denver, Colorado has a flash flood display that educates people on the deadly power of flash flooding.

It starts with thunder, then a warning, and before you know it thousands of gallons of water fill the canyon.

“This is a North American landscape. You could find this in Utah, Arizona, California, [and] Colorado,” said Chad Ashley from the Downtown Denver Aquarium.

2,000 gallons of water rushes through the canyon in a matter of seconds, showing visitors the horrifying power of flash flooding.

“Snow run off, ice melt can cause flash floods, heavy rains that encounter grounds that are already saturated and can’t absorb any more water, as well as heavy rains that encounter grounds that are so dry that it can’t absorb the water,” Ashley explains.

The flash flood display has been around as long as the aquarium itself, and shows what can happen in the desert after violent thunderstorms. The rushing water and sediment can crash through the desert with the speed of a freight train.

So what do you do if you encounter flash flooding?
Ashley advises, “Know your surroundings, get high, get away, stay away from low-lying areas in times they can be a high flash flood danger. Don’t try to cross it, don’t try to pass through a river that’s flooding, but take high ground.”

If a flash flood warning is issued for your area, evacuate immediately if told to do so. Do not camp or park near streams or in flood-prone canyons, and don’t try to walk, drive or play in flood water.


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