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Extreme Weekend Heat Wave Coming to the Pacific Northwest

24 Jun 2015, 10:12 am

ArticlePhoto1Heat across the Southern U.S. has been a major story this past week. Southwest portions of the U.S. have been dealing with extreme dry heat that continues to spark major concern for fire danger when paired with the extreme drought conditions that exists. The Southeast is still dealing with heat Advisories of their own today, however, that heat is more a tropical like heat. When we factor together the temperature and the humidity across the southeast we have been experiencing heat indices (feels like temperatures) of over 105°! The good news for the Southeast…as we move into the weekend temperatures are going to drop to more seasonable levels.
Article Photo2So this weekend, the Western U.S. is going to hold our attention, with one area in particular being the Pacific Northwest. Excessive heat watches are already being issued for Portland, OR and surrounding areas which are expected to become heat warnings from Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon. Not only Portland but cities across the whole Northwest region are anticipating to crush previous heat records with this heat wave. Heat waves in this region are not unheard of but one of this magnitude so early in the summer season is a rarity. Temperatures are expected to climb near 90°/100° by Friday and exceed 100° in most areas by Saturday and expect hot muggy conditions by Sunday.

Heat Safety

  • –Avoid the outdoors during peak sunlight hours. If that is unavoidable take frequent breaks in air conditioning or the shade.
  • –Stay hydrated with clear liquids.
  • –Keep house shades closed. Avoid using the oven and clothes driers until cooler times of the day.
  • –Check on loved ones, and animals throughout the day.
  • –Cars will heat up very quickly with level dangerous and potentially fatal for children and animals.

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Meteorologist Tracey Anthony

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