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EXTREME Wind & Another Late-Week Storm

30 Sep 2013, 11:34 am

Well, we know it’s now OFFICIALLY, officially, fall.  Why is that, you might ask?

Because wind season is full in play across the Mountain West.

Check out some of these wind gusts we have seen since last night and into this morning:


Wind Gusts Through Monday Morning
Wind Gusts Through Monday Morning


Some of the wind forecasts get fairly “ridiculous,” to say the least.

Check out this forecast for Casper, Wyoming.  They are in the middle of a high wind warning through the day today – and if you’re not from Wyoming or other spots in “wind country” you’ll be quite amazed by this.

Check it out:



Look at the “today” forecast.  Look closely.  Notice the winds for today – sustained winds at 40-45 mph and gusting to 65mph!

Luckily tonight winds go down to a nearly-calm 24-34mph…

So, while the storm causing those winds will shift around eventually – there is a new storm that will cause some fairly tremendous impacts over the Midwest come Thursday to Friday and Saturday.


European Model Forecast Thursday
European Model Forecast Thursday


The storm starts to form over the southern Central Plains, as per the European (ECMWF) forecast model.  This time of year, that is one of the more trustworthy computer models – so we’ll see what happens.

It could mean a soggy go of things Thursday to Friday over the Midwest.  Check out Friday’s forecast maps – using the same computer model:


European Model Forecast Friday
European Model Forecast Friday


Look at all of that rain over the Midwest!

A couple of things to notice on this map:

1) Those blue lines?  Those indicate regions of possible upper-level freezing that in a few months could mean snow.

2) Look at the Northwest.  When things are getting crazy in the Midwest and central Plains, they are quieting down in the Pacific Northwest.

All of these storms are certainly a sign that the seasons are “a-changin'” as they say, and we’ll be watching them pretty closely here at WeatherNation.

Stay tuned!

WeatherNation Meteorologist Aaron Shaffer @ashafferWNTV

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