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Fairdale Illinois Man Shares Video of Tornado That Took Wife’s Life

4 Apr 2016, 10:01 am

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As we approach the one year anniversary of the deadly April 9th tornado that struck Fairdale, Illinois, Clem Schultz has chosen to remember the day by sharing the chilling video he captured of the storm that killed his wife, Geri.

One thing that has helped his spirits is his video of the tornado bearing down, according to the Daily Herald.

“I did not know if I wanted to see that video,” Schultz says. His daughter showed it to his doctor, and a few days later, Schultz got up the nerve.

He then shared it with a meteorology student who had been chasing the storm. That student included it in his doctorate studies about the internal structure of tornadoes. The rare look from inside has been shared worldwide, and it is due to be shown soon at an international atmospheric science convention in California.

“I’m proud of it,” Schultz says. “My video is saving lives.”

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