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Fairly Quiet Weather Week Ahead

4 Jun 2012, 1:08 pm

Monday, June 4th, 2012

Happy Monday everyone, hope all is well on this first full week of June, which also coincides with first full well of Meteorological Summer. This marks the time frame (June, July and August) when the warmest 3 months, on average, are upon us in the northern hemisphere.

Thanks to my good friend, Rich Koivisto, from Duluth, MN for the picture below. It’s a Tent Worm caterpillar nest

It looks a little nasty and the caterpillars can be a little pesty themselves. The entire nest is full of worms and baby worms! The sneaky way to get rid of it is to wait until dark, they will all return to the nest, then you can pick everything out of the tree/bush. Make sure you get it all or they will come back! I’ve actually had this happen to my tree and haven’t had any return since I took care of it last year.

Crayfish Photo

Smile! Thanks to my good friend, Thomas Major, for the picture below of a crayfish. This too looks a little creepy…. watch your toes!

Lunar Eclipse Early Monday

Thanks to Paul Brooks from Muscatine, IA for the picture below. He caught the partial lunar eclipse from earlier Monday of the Strawberry moon.

See the full story HERE:

Lightning Picture

Thanks to @rcoryjohnson for the cool lightning picture below out of Fultondale, AL.

Severe Threat Today

‘Fairly’ Quiet Week of Weather Ahead

Note the two areas of low pressure on either side of the nation. These two low pressure system will bring soggy, cool weather to the Northeast and also into the West Coast. In the middle of the country a large ridge of high pressure has developed allowing heat and ‘mostly’ quiet weather to develop over the next few days.

2012 Tornadoes Running Below Average

The good news about the weather this year (for the most part) is that we have are running below the average annual tornado trend (based off of the 2005-2011 preliminary tornado reports). Despite the two large outbreaks earlier this year (March 2nd – 160 preliminary tornado reports & April 14th – 153 preliminary tornado reports) Things have been relatively quiet as of late. I think this can be attributed to larger scale ‘ridging’ or blocking patterns through the middle part of the country over the last couple of months. We haven’t had any large scale troughs of low pressure swinging into the central part of the country as of late allowing massive tornadic outbreaks to be possible. Tornado research teams scouring the Plains may not be thrilled out the lack of widespread severe weather, but I’m sure the overall population is happy not to be hearing those severe weather radios sirens blasting every day.

Thanks again for checking in and have a great rest of your week!

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