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Fall Chill Settles in Over Central U.S.

28 Sep 2016, 5:43 pm

When the calendar flips over to September, it doesn’t take long for the weather to throw much of the United States into some serious whiplash. If you found yourself grabbing a jacket out of the closet Wednesday, you probably weren’t alone. A strong cold front moved through the Great Lakes and the Ohio Valley and dropped temperatures to the lowest levels we’ve seen since May.


Although the eventual demise of summer’s warmth is always expected, it somehow still comes as a bit of a shock when the temperatures take a sharp drop. Chicago’s high of 60 degrees was 10 degrees below average and the coolest it has been since only reaching 57 degrees on May 17th. Kansas City also hasn’t seen any days below 65 degrees since the middle of May.

Chicago will make it back into the 70s, but not until next week. Other Midwest cities, like St. Louis, will reach the low 70s Thursday, but won’t start to feel warm again until highs get closer to 80 degrees next week.

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For WeatherNation, Meteorologist Corey Christiansen

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