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Fall Color Update, Heavy Rain Outlook and a Tropical Outlook

Monday, September 24th, 2012

Thanks to Sheila Werth for this picture out of Marinette County, Wisconsin. Recent cold weather has really brought out the fall colors across the northern tier of the nation.

Altoona, PA

Thanks to Spice of Life for this picture out of Altoona, PA

Hagerstown, MD

This picture is from Jenna Dorsey out of Hagerstown, MD

Mercersburg, PA

Here’s another picture from Jenna Dorsey out of Mercersburg, PA at the Whitetail Ski Resort.

Hudson, ME

Thanks to Angie Whittington for this picture out of Hudson, ME near the Pushaw Stream.

Paxson, Alaska

Thanks to Tracey Mendenhall Porreca for this incredible shot out of Paxson, Alaska. You can see the Alaska pipeline winding through some amazing colors.

Fall Color Peak

The colors below suggest the typical peak times. The images shown above are occurring within the ranges where peak colors start to show up at this time of the year.

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Much Needed Rain

NOAA’s 5 day rainfall forecast suggests a fairly soggy scenario shaping up this week across a narrow slice of the middle part of the country. From the middle Mississippi Valley to the Eastern Ohio Valley, 1″ to 3″ of rain could fall as several rounds of showers and storms develop on the southern flank of cooler air heading out of the Great Lakes Region.

Active Eastern Pacific

Check out Miriam in the Eastern Pacific! Miriam is a fairly stout hurricane that by end of the weekend could bring moisture to the Desert Southwest.

Miriam Track

NOAA’s National Hurricane Center brings Miriam to the north over the next several days and by the weekend, moisture from Miriam could be settling into the Northwestern corner of Mexico!

Thanks for checking in on this Monday, have a great rest of your week!

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