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Fatal Flash Flooding in Utah


Nine people are dead and four people are missing on Tuesday after flash flooding struck Hildale, Utah on Monday. It is the deadliest single flash flooding event the state has ever experienced, according to the National Weather Service in Salt Lake City. Search and rescue crews are battling mud and debris as they continue their rescue efforts, but there is also more rain in the forecast that could cause more flooding.



A flash flood warning was issued by the National Weather Service for the area Monday and one still remains in place for part of the day Tuesday. This is an area that is prone to flash flooding, however, the magnitude of Monday’s flooding was extreme. The city of Hildale, Utah and Colorado City, Arizona sit at the base of Maxwell Canyon. Thunderstorms produced heavy rain over the canyon throughout the afternoon causing water to rush into the cities. Short Creek rose at a rapid speed, rising over 3 feet in a matter of 20 minutes which is 1-1.5 feet above normal flood stage. It was described as a wall of water that swept vehicles away in its path. Here is the timeline of the flash flooding yesterday.



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